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Dundalk High School

Class of 1966

Dundalk, Maryland

Sharon Backof Cummings

Sharon at 16 with her dad.

Sharon with 1 of her quilts in 2001.

I didn't graduate with you all because I got married at 16 to my military sweetheart in 1964. Still married to him (36 years  now). Don't ever let anyone tell you young marriages don't work out. I got my GED since I always felt like I missed out with my education but back then it didn't seem as important like it does now a days.

I have lived in Indiana since around 1965 and really love it here.

I have 2 kids both boys and both grown. Billy (33) and Michael (29). Michael has blessed us with a granddaughter (3) and Billy has one on the way.

Bill and I live on 10 acres and raise our own vegetables for canning. I have a little greenhouse where I start my seeds around March so they'll be ready to plant in May. Actually only 1 acre is garden. We give a lot away to family and neighbors. I don't like to see it go to waste.

My animals keep me busy (I am a wildlife rehabilitator). I have a State and Federal license to Rehabilitate Wild Animals. It doesn't pay anything I just use money out of my pocket to feed and care for them. Lately one of the grocery stores has been donating vegetables and the humane society gives us dog food to help feed the animals so that helps out. Sometimes I get baby deer but that's usually in the spring when they are born. I have a Great Horned Owl, fox squirrel, 5 mallard ducks and 2 geese that are permanent residents. The Owl has a missing wing and the ducks, well they just won't leave. The fox squirrel is blind in one eye so she's a pet. I turn what I can back into the wild but it takes time to do so. Especially when they have really bad injuries. I get these animals from the Conservation Officers, Humane Society and Police Department.

We are about  25 miles from the nearest major town (Lafayette) and 10 miles from the nearest small town (Attica). When we make a trip to town it's really a trip. There're no convenience stores out this way. If you forget milk or bread it's a major chore to go get it.