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Veronica (Ronni) Baker Mayer

February 2, 1948

1955 Midland Rd
Baltimore, MD 21222




Computer and accounting courses at DCC


My first job after graduation was with Holiday Inn! -Downtown. I was hired as a switchboard operator, theN went to Desk Clerk to the Innkeeper' secretary to Reservations Manager. I had a ball there, but had to leave for better money and benefits. I then went to work for Warner Fruehauf Trailer Co. I was hired as telephone/receptionist, but ended up as the Accounting Office Supervisor. From there I went to United Iron & Metal Co., a scrap yard in the city where I was the Payroll Administrator. After just 3 years there, the company was purchased by one of the largest scrap processors in the USA, The David J. Joseph Co. They owned the yard for 10 years and I was the office manger. Now we have changed hands again, and the gentleman who was the general manager of the yard with DJJ purchased the yard, and I am his right hand person. I love my job and my boss, so I'm very happy with where I am right now.


My first marriage was with Vernon Pepersack (gulp!). Then I met a man, Bill Mayer, whom I worked with at Holiday Inn. He is from NY, and we dated.


One step daughter, Elissa who would probably prefer me not to disclose her age (g).


Molly Elizabeth who will be 7 in Feb. 2002. She was advanced to 2nd grade when she started school as it was felt she was too advanced and would have been bored in 1st grade! She is a very sweet but serious little girl. We had a very hard time getting this kid to laugh as a baby! It's a little easier now, but we still have to work at it!

Reilly will be 5 in Dec. 2001. He is just the opposite of his sister. This kid reminds me of my Golden Retrievers as their basic philosophy is the same: Life is a party, and I am the center of attention! He is absolutely adorable, smart, and really lives life to the fullest.


I like to garden, play with my grandchildren and my Goldens. I'm into walking and weight lifting. I love to read, but seldom have the time these days, but I will occasionally listen to a book on tape. I'm into natural/holistic/alternative health solutions and enjoying learning how to achieve better health for my family and my dogs through herbs, exercise and nutrition.


Oh yeah, I was on Oprah just the other day....did you see me??!! Now, can I sell you a piece of land in Florida...

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