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Linda Maria Barton May-Bowser


Christmas 2005

December 23, 1948

McComb, MS 39648



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Linda at the 35th class reunion
September 29, 2001

After graduation I worked for the Department of Defense National Agency Check Center at Ft. Holabird for 3 years. There I met and married Bob May in 1968. After his discharge from the Army we moved to his hometown of McComb, Mississippi in February 1969. We have two sons, Bobby (1969) and Jason (1971). After 10 years of marriage we divorced in 1978.This is my left hip! Click here to visit my support group and read more about my hip surgeries.

In 1981 I had a total hip replacement.  

1983 I married my present husband, Douglas Bowser, who is a New Yorker, transplanted in McComb.  Two Yankees meeting, marrying and living in Mississippi!

New marriage brought with it 6 step-children, all teenagers at the time. Now all grown.

We are now raising what we hope to be our last of 9 children,  Jessica is 18, and she is now a Freshman in college.

25 Grandchildren for us and my husband now has 2 GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN! (Notice that I say HE has them....I am way too young for the GREATS)

1996 had my hip replacement replaced for a newer model! During this recovery is when I founded an online support group for those with the same ailment. It's called Totally Hip.

If only I had gone to this much trouble doing my homework, who knows where I would be now???

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