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Cornelia Bohrer Barr

I regret having to inform you that my wife and your classmate, Cornelia M. Bohrer Barr, died July 12, 2001, while undergoing breast cancer surgery.  She leaves behind her husband, three children, her mother, three sisters, a brother and uncounted friends.

James P. Barr

HI Linda,
Harry V. Adams; English, Drama Teacher  is still alive and living in Baltimore because I see him when I go home to visit. He is a friend of my mother's . But as far as I know he's retired. And even though my Mom has a computer she doesn't have the internet and I don't think Harry has a computer. So  If you want any info on him I could give you her address and you could write her.
Keep up the good work- I can't wait to find out what happened to everyone.
Cornelia {:>

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