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Rex Derr

Olympia, Washington


Hey everyone,

Now this is cool! Glad to hear from you Linda.

We (wife Anne and I) are in Olympia, Washington staying warm and dry. Temperature today is going way up into the 70's. Anne works with a local attorney who specializes in adoptions, and I do the legislative "stuff" for Washington's state park system.

Our daughter is married, living in central Missouri on 120 acres they bought to start a cattle ranch. She works at the University of Missouri, in their Telecommunications Office. Our son is footloose and fancy free in Montana .... we're heading to Bozeman tomorrow to visit him ... he's in school, works, hunts, fishes, hunts, fishes. hunts, fishes. etc.

We're both been pretty active in community things thru our 24 years here.

After Penn State and Texas A&M, and before settling in the northwest we spent 8 years with the National Park Service ... New York City (Statue of Liberty, Fire Island, Sagamore Hill, etc.) Isle Royale National Park ( Lake Superior), Grand Canyon (where we were married), Washington DC, Cumberland, Maryland; and Mt. Rainier National Park. Then we moved into the quiet town of Olympia, until we built our current home on 6 acres, 8 mile south of town. Our two labs enjoy the "country".

For time out - we ride bikes (just bought two recumbents), x-country ski, golf a little, play a fair amount of tennis, and read e-mails from friends.

Rex Derr

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