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David Clifford Holstein
January 1, 1948

13118 Eastern Ave. Ext.
Baltimore, MD 21220-1146


Roberta "Bobbie" Lull

Military Service

I served in the US Army, 1969-1971 was in Vietnam 1971 in the heavy artillery unit


For the past 28 years I have been a Railroad Yardmaster originally for Penn Central which over the years has went to Conrail and now the Norfolk and Southern RR.


On June 8, 1968 I married Bobbie.


David Jr. who has been married for 5 years to Valerie Shaub is my firstborn who is 27 years old and Jodie who has been married for 4 years to Dean Otte is 24 years old.


I have 3 grandchildren. Barrett 3 yrs old and Erynn 8 months are Jodie's two children and David has given us Alexandra who is 17 months old.


I am an avid hunter during the season and I spend the off season on the golf course. I also do some fishing mostly limited to bass or rockfish.

I know you probably want a picture of Dave because he went and graduated from Dundalk all his life. I actually went to Dundalk coming from St. Rita's to the 9th grade and then because of my location was sent to Patapsco but I know and went to school with a lot of the same people that you did. As a matter of fact I was in Janice Phillips 9th grade homeroom and we were friends but never kept in contact when I left to go to Patapsco. Gail Ryan went to St. Rita's with me all through from 1-8th grade. So the picture coming will be of us both, I am soooo selfish. hahhhaa. We actually may have crossed paths, I was in 9-J at Dundalk Jr. High and my maiden name was Roberta (Bobbie) Lull.  At one point I went with Roland Hege and Curtis Walp took me to the 9th grade dance.  My best friend in 9th grade was Anna Lumpkin I don't even know what happened to her but I met my Dave at the Jr. high teen center in 1964   I liked him in 9th grade but he was out of my crowd. he never even knew I existed but I knew him..

    Dave was funny when he asked me to post one of him. I said "oh no it will be us both..." he laughed. We have been together for 36 years and married for 32 of them. Lots of time between us to separate the me from the him.  Bobbie

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