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Karen Marie Stephens Severns/Kidder

Birthdate: October 21, 1948

2025 S. Princeton Rd
Apt 212
Baileyville, ME 04694


My first job was taken when my youngest child turned 11 years old. I worked as a Community Living Assistant for the developmentally disabled community in Cumberland, Md. That was in 1986. I stayed with this line of work for six years. Then I worked as a Data Entry clerk for a Baltimore Bakery for just a few months. My latest employment was as a licensed Insurance Agent for the state of Georgia. Now that I live in Maine that has been tabled until I get settled permanently and can take the State of Maine test to be licensed here. That should be within the year. Now I am in customer service. I love working with people....'Have a great deal of fun doing so.


I married my high school sweetheart in the summer of 1966. I met Dave Severns in the spring of his senior year at Dundalk High, 1964. I stayed in school as he went into the military. We married the summer of 1966. Our marriage lasted 28 wonderful years. Dave died of kidney cancer in 1994.

I just recently met a wonderful man and remarried in September of 1999. His name is Eric A. Kidder and he has two teenage daughters from his former marriage. They live with their mother in the same hometown we are now residing in. So we see them a lot and take part in their upbringing.


Lisa Kay Severns/Shriver 1967
Russell M Severns - 1970
Jody Alan Severns - 1974
Rebecca Amber Severns/Campbell - 1976


I have three gorgeous Munchkins.... Seth Matthew Kline- 1989 Brandt Cole Bridges/Kline- 1991 Alexis Lani Shriver - 1993 They are all my oldest daughters children


I love music...surfing the net.... journaling... NASSER... antique shopping.. flea marketing... camping... cooking... just being with those I love ..friends and family alike... I also love meeting new people and the computer and the internet have really let me meet people from all over the world and develop close relationships... And now I have the opportunity to reunite with some old high school friends through this same venue... What a world we live in!! Oh!! I almost forgot!! I love gardening.... 'must have forgot temporarily with all that snow outside my window...


I had the opportunity to live a very simple but rewarding life as a stay at home mother. I touch lives daily and make a point to be as helpful and as supportive as I can be as life unfolds around me. I have no trophies... other than my children. I have no banners to wave as proof of my success. Just a wonderful family and great people and friends surrounding me.


I suppose the only other thing I wish to let you all know, at this moment, is that I have a deep set desire to write. The only question now is "what about?" ...*S*... My life has been an interesting one... I've learned a great deal and want to share it with my family and friends and anyone else who may find it of interest. Stating this here just may be the impetus to get me started on this journey.

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