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Janet Elaine Zengel Messer

February 21, 1948

7710 SE County Road
Micanopy, FL 32667



I graduated from Western Maryland College in 1970 with a B.A. in Biology. From there I went to the University of Miami, where I received a Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics in 1973.


I did post-doctoral work at the University of Miami and Emory University, then moved back to Florida in 1980 to take a research position at the VA Medical Center and a joint faculty position in the Departments of Neurological Surgery and Neuroscience at the University of Florida College of Medicine. (I am married to a native Floridian, and he thought Atlanta was too far north!) I retired from science and academia in 1998 to work with my husband in our business, Global Power Resources, Inc. (we sell and service power generation equipment for clients all over the world).


I met and married Joe Messer in Miami in 1974.


I have a step-daughter, Sherrie, who is married and lives in Orlando. Joe and I have one son, Joby, who graduated last year from the University of Florida with a degree in Computer Sciences and is now working as a business systems programmer for a computer software and hardware development company in Gainesville.


We have one grandchild, Seth, who turned 4 in January.


We live on a small farm (15 acres), with about 15 head of cattle (pets, not meat!), one thoroughbred, one goat, and two dogs . I stayed involved with sports up until a few years ago (softball, volleyball, tennis), but taking care of our animals and our business now leaves us with very little spare time. We do enjoy going to athletic events at the University of Florida (Go Gators!!), and we recently took up karate, joining our son, who is now a brown belt in Cuong Nhu.


I published a number of research articles in scientific journals, but I doubt if anyone is interested! I am very proud of the graduate students that I trained during my years at the University of Florida, who have since gone on to faculty positions at various institutions, including Baylor University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Puerto Rico.

I designed web sites for my own research lab, for Research Service at the Gainesville VA, and for the Southeast Nerve Net Meeting (a meeting of neuroscientists from all over the southeastern United States). The only site that is current is our business web site (


Joe and I both belong to the Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association. Cuong Nhu is a "hard and soft" style of karate started in Vietnam and brought to Gainesville in 1975 by its founder, Nho Dhong. It has since spread around the world, thanks to Master Dhong's former students, who have moved from Gainesville on to other locations. I would recommend Cuong Nhut to anyone; it is a great way to improve your flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, and mental concentration (all of which seem to leave us as we grow older!).

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